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Feeding Fellowship Brunch

Feeding Fellowship aims to promote positive relationships between Foster Kids, children living in Urban Communities and Police Officers by bringing them together for brunch at Cupanion's Kitchen and Coffee. Starting in November 2023, one day of the Week that is to be determined, our restaurant will provide a Complementary Brunch to the kids and Police Officers.

We hope that our café will serve as a friendly setting that will help foster trust and understanding between underprivileged children and Law Enforcement. We understand that policing in the United States has caused strains in community relations among many minorities in Atlanta and we hope to serve as a resource to rebuild a more compassionate, informed, and confiding relationship between Police Officers and the Kids. 

Children and law enforcement officers are invited to eat brunch together at Cupanion's, cultivate a stronger relationship and build a more harmonious community.

Kids may be dropped off at the restaurant or be accompanied by an adult. If your child does not have a ride but would like to participate, please click here Request Uber Ride to request a round-trip Uber ride for free.

We need help from our community to make this work! Here is how you can help:

Donate here Feeding Fellowship Gofundme to help us pay for the children's Uber rides to Cupanion's and back home.

Volunteer to be a driver click here Volunteer Rides 

Donate Unused Toys, Clothes or Hygiene Goodie bags for the Foster Kids and Children Living in Urban Communities. You can Drop it off at Cupanion’s anytime in starting November 2023.

You can also Volunteer for Foster Care Mentoring Program